About Southern Saint

Southern Saint

Southern Saint began as a shared vision by two entrepreneurs, Matthew Ridgway and Briana Casale Cox, on the sandy shores of St Croix, US Virgin Islands. The island of St Croix is the southernmost island of the three US Saints; St Thomas, St John and St Croix. The brands logo, the mongoose, is quite the devilish character. Originally brought in by the Danish to correct the rat problem on the sugar plantations, it went unrecognized that rats are nocturnal and mongoose diurnal. Therefore the two never actually met and still to this day, both thrive on the island. Hence, the tongue-in-cheek star of the Southern Saint brand.

Our Brand

We wanted clothing and swimwear that fit the unique personality of the islands. Boatwear with a flair. Fabrics that you want to live in, because that's what living on an island is all about. Swimwear for all shapes and sizes that still allows ease of movement while working and playing on the water.